TeamSpy athlete Matt Sharp returns to triathlon this week with a trip to France for the Fit’Days MGEN Sprint Triathlon Series in Lyon.
Matt will be 1 of only 65 specially selected pro & elite triathletes taking part in the 6-day event which sees participants undertake 6 races at the sprint distance in 6 days, starting in Mont Lozere and finishing the final sprint in Narbonne.
He recently secured a 3rd place podium finish alongside Sir Mo Farrah at the 2018 London Vitality 10k & gained 9th place overall when he represented England at the Barcelona Marathon in February and won the title of Hampshire Cross Country Champion 2018 in January. Matt has been racing for TeamSpy since his move to the Island 2 years ago.
Having been previously contracted to the French Race League, and highly experienced at all triathlon disciplines including drafting and non-drafting, Matt took part with fellow teammates – Clint Oliver and Dave Hunt – in team sponsor’s SpyVelo Long Weekend as part of the Festival of Running in June. Securing the fastest swim time of the event, Matt and the team took the Overall Team prize in a time of just 3:54:54.
He heads out to France for the Sprint Triathlon series later this week and we wish him the very best of luck.

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